Polaris, or the North Star, sits almost directly above the

An autopsy on Thursday concluded that the foot likely separated naturally from a decomposing body in the water, either by the force of waves or because of a large fish shaking the body, Martin County Sheriff William Snyder told Reuters.The autopsy indicated the body part had been in the water for a period of a few days to 10 days, but could not determine the sex, race or cause of death, Snyder said.The foot was discovered shortly after noon on Wednesday under sea grass at Peck Lake Beach at the north end of Jupiter Island, north of Palm Beach. After a ground and helicopter search over several miles, investigators found a matching shoe but no other human remains.The shoes were all white except for the New Balance logo, estimated to be size 7 9 and described by Snyder as a running or cross trainer style. Snyder said his gut reaction is that the victim was male.”It a kind of shoe I would buy and I wouldn buy anything that looked like a woman shoe,” said Snyder, acknowledging that it is “not a scientific answer.”DNA analysis is under way, he said, and it could help identify the remains.

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